"I have appreciated the quality and refinement of Gabriel TACCHINO’s recital. I have a very admirative opinion, for all repertories which he interpreted. He is a great artist, a great pianist, a master.", André Peyregne, Nice Matin, 02/24/2014


"Gabriel Tacchino’s talent resembles none other. It is made of a subtly weighted blend of intelligence and sensibility, of clarity and tender sensuality, of true emotion and thoroughness, all wrapped together with breathtaking virtuosity.", Le Figaro


"Gabriel Tacchino or mastered romanticism. Within moments one was captured by his superb mastery, the simplicity, rigour and richness of this inner romanticism which refuses unbridled fantasies.", Le Monde.


"Listening to TACCHINO is pure bliss.", Hilda Van Heel, Luxemburger Wort, 01/30/2013.


"Clef de soleil Festival : in LILLE , Dvorák gathers Gabriel Tacchino and the Pra┼żák. The central piece of this Clef de soleil concert : Dvorák Quintett (opus 81). Glances on the piano strings from the pianist always impeccably concentrated (...) With elegance and power (...) A magical moment. (...). An audience of fascinated connoisseurs, who demand more. A way of saying to the musicians: please do come again whenever you like.", Jean-Marie Duhammel, La Voix du Nord, 07/04/2014


"The brillant Gershwin of Tacchino.", Le Soleil, Québec, Canada.


"...a very perceptive style, a superior technique, and above all, a profound sensibility.”, The New York Times.


"French pianist Tacchino generates musical excitement in Montreal.”, The Gazette, Montreal.


"Two exceptional French pianists, Emmanuelle Stephan and Gabriel Tacchino, just gave on Monday 23rd April a four-hands piano concert in Venezia ! Fabulous performance and packed concert hall… Nourished applause and standing ovation !!!! BRAVO.", 04/27/2018 Béchara El-Khoury, composer.


"TACCHINO’s piano playing is of an absolute plenitude (...).", February 2018, Xavier DE GAULLE for CLASSICA magazine, regarding CD release « TACCHINO POULENC Piano Mélodies ».



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